christina lee


Name: Christina Lee
Position: Research Assistant/Technician
Birthplace: China
Nationality: Chinese/Canadian

Previous or Current Education: I was educated as a medical doctor, and completed a Master’s degree in Medicine in China. Following this, I worked as a professional medical doctor for a number of years, and had four years of working experience at research organization.

I have a great passion for scientific research. Immigrating to Canada has provided me the opportunity to pursue this aspiration, specifically in the area of stem cell research and their potential applications for cardiac regeneration.

Research Summary:

I am capable of:

·       Mouse surgeries including (but not limited to): coronary artery ligation to induce experimental myocardial infarction and surgical parabiosis.

·       Harvesting different samples in muscle, bone marrow, blood and fat for multicolor flow cytometric analysis for stem cells research.

·       Writing and editing of research reports.

·       Implement drug treatment on mice

·       Tissue sectinoing, immunohistochemical staining, RT-PCR and Western blot.

·       Lab management.

Personal Summary: I am full of imagination, self-motivated and thrive in an environment that fosters continuous learning. I like hiking, playing badminton, listening to music and cooking.

Contact information: Email: